10 Best Off-Road Motorcycle Goggles

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Motorcycling and eye protection go hand in hand. Heck, even most states without helmet laws require eye protection. When riding off-road, good goggles are an absolute necessity. Everything from bugs and sticks, to roost and rocks are coming toward you at warp speed just hoping to put your eye out. Sure, goggles are first and foremost about protecting your eyes, but as technology has advanced, so have the features of modern day off-road motorcycle goggles. There are now options such as: the best tint for the terrain or time of day you’ll be riding, dozens of anti-fogging solutions, and flashy colors with equally flashy reflective lenses.

Whatever type of riding you’re doing, it’s likely there are goggles on the market designed for it. We put together a list of the 10 best off-road motorcycle goggles from the best manufacturers in the business to give you a one-stop guide to the gear you need to keep your ojos intact.

100% Racecraft Plus (+) – $85.00

The Racecraft Plus (+) is 100%’s top-of-the-line racing goggles, but that doesn’t mean it’s only suited for track use. The bevy of features the Racecraft Plus carries with it are equally at home trail riding as they are running motos. Outriggers connect the strap to the goggles and ensure a secure fit regardless of helmet shape. The pre-curved lens is the same shape used across the Racecraft product line and therefore can be swapped amongst them. These goggles feature a removable nose guard (pictured without) to protect your face from flying debris; another solution, stay in front! We’ve used the Racecraft and Racecraft Plus in a number of scenarios and have been pleased with their performance. The Racecraft Plus is available in plenty of lens and color options.

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