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By Evans Brasfield

Longtime MO readers know that we’re big proponents of developing riding skills throughout your entire riding career. We also stress the importance of protective riding gear for the possibility of things going bad. Unfortunately, I see too many untrained riders careening around the streets with little more than a single layer of cotton – and the helmet they are forced to wear by law – between them and the sharp teeth of the tarmac. What are they counting on to keep them safe out on the road? Their God-given right, as an American male, to instinctively know how to pilot a motor vehicle in any circumstance?

I remember a conversation I had with a life-long motorcyclist biker when he dropped his teenage son off at the CMSP (California Motorcycle Safety Program) class he was required to take in order to get his motorcycle endorsement. Since I was the instructor and the father was bothered by the fact that he had to pay money to teach his son how to ride – a task he could clearly do himself based on his many years of riding – he confronted me over what skills his son would be taught over the weekend. When I mentioned countersteering, he called BS, saying he’d never used it in all his years of riding. So, I gave him an exercise to do on his trip home. To his credit he did, and he was open-minded enough to accept the results.

For new riders, it all starts here at a new rider’s school. (Or, at least, it should.)

When he returned a couple of hours later to pick up his son from the classroom session, I had won him over. It turned out that he’d been intuitively countersteering as he leaned his body, but he realized from the short exercise …read more

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