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If you ride motorcycles long enough, inevitably you’re going to want to go on a motorcycle trip. And when you decide to go on a trip, you’re going to need stuff. The challenge becomes finding a place to store all that stuff. Behold – soft luggage. Granted, most of you know the definition of soft luggage, but if not, each bag here has some kind of textile exterior and is not constructed from a hard-shell plastic or metal. Now there are a million and one options when it comes to bags to fit on your motorcycle. Here, we’ve picked a few different ideas to suit a wide-ranging field of motorcycles. All are at least water resistant, and only one is motorcycle-specific.

Biltwell EXFIL 80 Sissy Bar Bag – $200

Having a bunch of stuff with you is one thing. Packing it all neatly and having it all organized is another. The Biltwell EXFIL 80 can hold everything you need for a motorcycle adventure and keep it organized, too. As an added bonus, the large external tool compartment is padded on the outside so you can lay your back right on it. It easily unzips to put your tools and smaller items right at your fingertips without unstrapping the bag from your bike. The tool compartment holds nine deep sockets, seven combination wrenches, and includes a mesh pocket and a flat document pocket. The bag itself holds 55 liters, is UV treated, and water resistant. If you need more protection from the elements, a full waterproof sleeve is tucked away in one of the pockets.

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