Church of MO: Aprilia Pegaso 650

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By John Burns

When Aprilia, with her showers sweet the drought of March hath pierced to the root, and when Jesus rolls into Cinco de Mayo to make glorious spring out of our winter’s discontent, and to party, he doesn’t always show up on an interesting thumper, but 22 years ago he did. And so it is written, and so sprouted another ADV seedling.

First Impression: Aprilia Pegaso 650

La Nuova Frontiera

By Colin MacKellar Mar. 16, 1997
Photos by Robin Verhoeven
      Ever since 1976, when Yamaha’s release of the XT500 created a market for what was loosely termed “dual-purpose” motorcycles, Europe has had a love affair with this class of bike.

      Glamorized by events such as Paris/Dakar, the Trans-Sahara multi-stage North African rally, huge numbers of replicas were sold. However, these were replicas of form, not function — the Sahara desert being as alien to them as Laguna Seca Raceway would be to an Electra Glide. But most owners of dual-purpose bikes aren’t concerned with off-road capability anyway, as statistics have shown that for 95 percent of these bikes, the closest they ever get to a loose surface is the inevitable close encounter with dog turds that litter European cities. In the never-ending search for niche markets within a niche market, a new variant of this type of bike has been evolving. The basic design parameters of wide bars, high seat, long suspension, narrow frame, and single cylinder 4-stroke engine have been taken and worked into models that owe more to high-tech industrial design than the sand dunes of the Sahara. An excellent example of this is Aprilia’s Pegaso 650-3, now into its third stage of the evolutionary cycle.

      Aprilia has been selling large-capacity dual purpose machines for more than 10 years. First came the ETX600 and later the Tuareg, both bikes using the same 2-valve engine supplied …read more

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