Bell Eliminator Helmet Review

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By John Burns

Bell Eliminator helmet

Editor Score: 55.5%

Aesthetics 8.0/10
Protection 7.5/10
Value 2.0/10
Comfort/Fit 6.0/10
Quality/Design 5.0/10
Weight 7.0/10
Options/Selection 7.0/10
Innovation 2.0/10
Weather Suitability 6.0/10
Desirable/Cool Factor 5.0/10
Overall Score 55.5/100

How do I not love this helmet? Let me count the ways. Sticking your head into it is like sticking it into a high school girl’s purse; the soft liner offers almost no resistance until you come to the much-more-solid EPS liner. It’s extremely comfy while you’re sitting still, like wearing a hollowed-out sponge, but the liner gives up all resistance once you’re rolling and meet a little aerodynamic drag. The liner is removable and washable; too bad it’s not removable and replaceable with a better liner. What do I know? The Eliminator carries the ECE 22.05 sticker as well as of course DOT, so it passed somebody’s tests.

The Eliminator is well-ventilated with vents that are unclosable, including the huge opening your head goes into, four slits on the chinbar, and nine round holes on top that look like .22-caliber cartridges might seal them nicely. A bunch of golf tees might look cool for those into body piercing, or Mad Max reenactors.

She comes with this clear shield, but you’ll waste no time throwing on a cool mirrored shield and some stickers like in the lead pic.

Get going above about 70 mph, and the car helmet-derived shape is so un-slippery you might as well be in an industrial washing machine on Agitate. Faster than that, if you’re not behind a big fairing, the Eliminator has the lift of a Piper Cub approaching rotation speed and about the same decibel level if you were hanging out the plane window like a dog. There are round indentations in the liner for speakers, but they’re not going to be big enough for the …read more

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