Halley’s Helmet Stand & Rack Help Helmets Strut Their Stuff

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By Cameron Martel

I gotta say, I didn’t think that when I sat down to write this review that the angle I’d take would be one of sex appeal and beauty. Yet, here I am about to write exactly that… about helmet stands, of all things.

Disclosure: Halley sent me their helmet stands at no cost for the purposes of this review. Please see our review policies page to learn more about how we engage brands. The short version is that we let brands know that a good review is earned, never guaranteed, and that we retain 100% control over our editorial integrity. We do not allow brands to influence what we say in any way whatsoever.

Note: some of the photos in this review were sourced from the Halley website.

Stands for Those of Us That Want to Show Off Our Gear

Motorcyclists tend to come in two flavors: the die-hard that lives and breathes motorcycles, and the casual rider that loves their machines but doesn’t need to base their life around them. A little hyperbolic, yes, but this is webBikeWorld and if you’re a webBiker you likely fall into the former category.

If that’s you, these helmet stands are something that will catch your eye. They’re a bit pricey (more on that below), especially considering that what you’re effectively buying are a few pieces of cut steel, but sex appeal doesn’t come cheap.

Both the stand and the rack use laser cut steel and brushed steel finishes for a refined, modern, and top-end appearance.

It’s worth noting that the spherical head has a larger surface area compared to most stands, reducing pressure placed on any one part of the helmet interior. There are no sharp edges or anything else that might damage the liner or the protective layer of the helmet.

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Source:: Halley’s Helmet Stand & Rack Help Helmets Strut Their Stuff


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