Church of MO: Victory 2009 Model Preview

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By John Burns

O death, where is your Victory? O death, where is your sting? The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the Victory… Polaris giveth and Polaris taketh away; a decade ago the future looked bright, as Victory celebrated its tenth anniversary. A reading from the book of Fonzie.


Victory 2009 Model Preview

Unveiling the next 10 years, One at a Time

By Fonzie Jul. 28, 2008
Photos by Victory
      Victory recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with an unveiling of their 2009 model year units in sunny southern California where much of their design inspiration is born. With three of Victory’s key industrial designers on the Art Center’s Alum list, the unveiling of the motorcycles was accompanied by a personal tour of the facilities. Corridors and fields alike were cleverly disguised as Victory-branded dioramas for each model line. Each model was on display in a different location on the 175-acre campus in the Pasadena hill country. The campus was littered with moto eye candy. Delicious.The proof is in the pudding and Polaris doesn’t skimp on the chocolate. From tip to tail, each model group received improvements this coming year in the form of lighter wheels, more power, brighter lights – heads to tails – and better styling. Some models got the works, while others got just a taste of all the ’09 improvements.

      Keeping the throttle open for more than 10 years the changes keep rolling out like mile markers clicking by.

      For 2009, Victory has made some across-the-board changes. They’ve designed and created a pair of weight-saving wheels as well as produced a new headlight reflector that provides a brighter, more uniform light pattern (when both 55-watt bulbs are on the high-beam position) and a new LED taillight …read more

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