SIDI Rex Boots Hands-On Review

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By Kathy Koewler

Some First Impressions

In all honesty, I was wondering if I had requested something that was going to be far beyond my level of appreciation for riding footwear. I had researched the SIDI line for a best-of article and was super impressed by the Tecno-3 Push Closure System and the ability to replace many parts of the boot that could get damaged in its intended use case. But I wondered if I was going to end up riding around in a very rigid and restrictive boot.

I thought that might just be the price that professional riders were willing to pay; sort of a privilege tax for the opportunity to go screaming around a Moto-GP track. But that level of protection would suck the joy out of my mundane rides on speed-controlled roads. I could not have been more wrong. These boots even make a ride in rush hour traffic more enjoyable and safer.

Though the boots look intimidating, they are amazingly intuitive. I was prepared to open up a few documents that were emailed to me in the privacy of my own office so that no one would know that I needed instructions on how to put on my new Italian boots.

But within five minutes of tearing open the box, I had looked them over and eagerly put them on just for a test fit. I was really, really happy that the size 8.5 US was a perfect fit and that the boots felt great.

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