Top 10 Exciting Motorcycle Developments of 2019 So Far…

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It’s been a stellar year for new motorcycles; our frequent flier miles are piling up like crazy as we span the globe to bring you the thrill of victory (Indian now) and the agony of defeat, from the 2019 bumper crop of everything from Nikens to Svartpilens. There’s more to it than new bikes, though. So, let’s take a look at what’s got us excited as we approach the mid-point of 2019.

10. MO Steps Up its Video Game

Maybe you missed this one since it didn’t get inserted into the Kawasaki W800 road test until a few days after it was posted, but the star of the vid is our new guest commentator, Jimmy Tumbleweeds. The middle of the vid is our standard fare, but Jimmy really spices up the beginning and end. If you’re not already, you really should be one of the 323,000 subscribers to our Youtube channel (don’t panic, it’s free) so you never miss another gem like this.

9. Return of Royal Enfield

The Indian manufacturer never went away, RE’s just been a bit third-world for a very long time unless you’re really into nuevo vintage. Then came the new Himalayan adventure bike – really impressive in its debut last year. But the new 650 twins – Continental GT and Interceptor – have knocked our socks completely off. Packing a brand-new 648cc counterbalanced SOHC classic parallel Twin into a frame designed by Harris Performance, decking both bikes out in excellent paint covering beautiful lines, and hanging on a price tag circa-$6k – seems like a recipe for the glorious resurrection of another classic marque.

8. Motorcyclists Continue to Strike Blows for Freedom Everywhere

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The right to lane-share has been codified into California law for …read more

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