Carbon Fiber Wheels and a Trip to the Moon

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By Thai Long Ly

“Flight com, I can’t hold her! She’s breaking up! She’s break–”
—Steve Austin, Astronaut. A man barely alive.

I’m a happy man. Not because I enjoy staring at my computer, sporadically typing as the coffee slowly warms my sleepy cockles, on yet another bright and breezy California morning. I’m happy because my head no longer feels like it’s being squeezed between the bowling balls of a nasty oil-stained concussion, whose relentless grip has steadily faded with every passing day. His BFF, vertigo, has been stalking me for weeks and only makes itself known when I stand up too fast or move about too quickly. Like slamming a fifth of tequila with every flight of stairs, the dizzying effects of slapping one’s brain against the sides of a thickened skull, preferably your own, can be quite debilitating. But I’m feeling better now… much mo’ betta’. Perhaps 93.98% mo’ betta’.

Thai’s Aprilia Tuono Upgrades pt. 1
Thai’s Aprilia Tuono Upgrades pt. 2
Thai’s Aprilia Tuono Upgrades pt.3

Doesn’t this picture just warm your cockles?

After a day of scything through the Angeles National Forest, capped with hearty conversation amidst a smokey cigar in front of a quietly closed Newcomb’s Ranch, I swiftly make my way down the hill with some friends. Mostly because I’m jonesin’ for a burrito; that and I’m itching to ride. Today, my lovingly modified Tuono 1100RR feels enticingly sharp while the empty ribbons of tarmac are remarkably clean and clear on this gorgeous Friday afternoon. Days like this are why I choose to live in Southern California and I’m grateful for unlimited access to this incredible playground in my backyard. So, while the 65-degree V4 belts out a Coltrane-esque solo that echoes soulfully off the peaceful mountain walls, all I can think about is how …read more

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