Best Two-piece Motorcycle Leathers

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Wearing a one-piece leather suit is such a commitment; they’re a chore to put on, you’re stuck in a racer-like position even if you don’t want to be, and most importantly, what do you do when nature calls and you have to pee? That last reason must be why apparel manufacturers decided to make two-piece leathers. Offering nearly the same amount of protection as their one-piece counterparts, two-piece suits are way more convenient for those who only see the track every once and a while. As you can probably guess, two-piece suits consist of a jacket and pants combination that zip together in the middle via a circumference zip. This is important since there are some jacket/pant combos out there that connect via a zip connection a few inches in length. No bueno. What we have below are a collection of dedicated two-piece offerings from a few different manufacturers. In reality, a two-piece suit can be any jacket and pant combination whose zippers work with each other. We say “dedicated” because in the cases below the jacket and pant were designed to work together. Mostly because they take their one-piece cousin and cut it in half.

Alpinestars Missile 2-Piece Race Suit For Tech Air Race – $1000

If you’re looking for an airbag suit, the Missile suit from Alpinestars represents the lowest cost of entry into Alpinestars’ Tech-Air compatible airbag system. Fortunately for those who don’t want to commit to a one-piece, or have weird body types requiring a two-piece, the Missile also comes as a jacket/pant combo, and the jacket is still Tech-Air compatible (sold separately). Premium 1.3mm leather makes up the main chassis with large accordion stretch panels at knees and shoulders. Stretch fabric on the sleeves and inner thighs help provide the feeling of a custom fit and increase …read more

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