MO Tested: Icon 1000 Truant 2 Riding Boot Review

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By Justin Mastine-Frost

Finding boots that are specific to a riding style is easy, regardless of whether you’re a trail rider on a big GS or a sportbike rider clipping apexes on the Panigale V4. That said, once you get into more casual boots, things can get murky. Enter the Icon 1000 Truant 2 – a casual boot/moccasin/high top sneaker hybrid that (at least on paper) ticks a lot of boxes. For many (myself included), there’s value in a pair of boots that don’t look like conventional riding boots, especially for those days where you’re out running errands. The challenge is that most brands are so ride-focused that they don’t always consider walking/standing comfort, and a quick skim of user reviews will tell you that not all of the big gear brands have figured out what it takes to play in the category.

Being on the thrifty side, the Truant 2 already come out ahead. The perforated full-grain leather boots come in at $150, which is plenty reasonable based on their construction. Looking at the consistency of seam stitching, and the overall leather quality, you’re looking at a lot more boot here than what you get out of some of the sneaker-style offerings from Dainese or Alpinestars. In black, the boots come on contrasting white soles that are pretty firm, but still have a reasonable amount of cushioning as you walk. When compared to my Alpinestars SMX-1R boots, it was the equivalent of going from walking in wooden clogs to sliding into an old slipper.

On that note, the difference in sole construction also had benefits while riding. During a recent stint on the Ducati XDiavel the added cushioning in the Truant 2 boots entirely wiped out the transmission of engine vibration to my …read more

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