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By John Burns

It’s all fun and games riding around in your Chuck Taylors until Old Granddad turns left across your bow. Sometimes, even if you’re the best braker out there, you wind up layin’ `er down – and if you lay her, or him, down on top of your ankle, well, then you might suddenly and painfully appreciate what a wondrous and complex organism the human body is; things like ankles and wrists and knees, once mangled, take a lot to put back together again. Good boots aren’t always going to save your underpinnings, but motorcyclists who’ve been around the block a few times like our chances much, much better with some serious soles and ankle protection – and a little (or a lot) of protection over the easily-injured tibia is never a bad idea either. Let us scratch the surface, shall we?

Any hefty boot is way better than none at all; our friend Peter Jones can’t leave the Fluevogs (lead photo) alone, even though they’re not really motorcycle-specific.

TCX Fuel WP – $290

Your classic engineer boots were once typically reserved for cruiser riders, but feel free to break down the boundaries. These are cool on any bike. These TCX numbers use full grain leather uppers backed with a full waterproof lining, and contain protective medial and lateral malleolus discs (armor for your inner and outer ankle bones), supportive, protective toe and heel counters, and grippy lug soles.

Shop for the TCX Fuel WP here

Daytona Burdit XCR – $370

They’re called Daytona but these are produced in Bavaria. They’re pricey (these Burdits are cheaper than other Daytonas), but people who own Daytona boots swear by them, for comfort and safety. These have a Gore-Tex lining for waterproofness, but are also supposed to be extremely breathable …read more

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