Best Motorcycle Touring Suits

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Traveling long distances via motorcycle is one of the best ways to experience the sights and sounds the open road has to offer. Not being confined by the doors of a car means your senses are exposed and your views are wide open. Of course, cars also provide great protection from the elements. Obviously, being exposed on a motorcycle means you’re also susceptible to all the conditions mother nature has to offer. A quality riding suit will keep you safe and comfortable no matter what the weather conditions, from rain and cold to blazing hot. Which means you don’t have to let the elements get in the way of an epic ride. If you’ve been thinking about doing more touring but don’t know what to wear, let this guide of motorcycle touring suits help guide the way.

Aerostich Roadcrafter R-3 $1,197.00

The Aerostich Roadcrafter has been around since the dawn of time. Shortly after the stone wheel was created, Andy Goldfine of Aerostich created the Roadcrafter. Ok, that may not be entirely true, but the Roadcrafter has been around for quite some time and is widely known as one of the most convenient touring suits on the market. Like the modular helmet, it’s easy to call the Roadcrafter nerdy or not stylish enough. But, like the modular helmet, once you use one, it’s hard to go back to whatever you were doing before. The R-3 is the third generation of Roadcrafter and is said to be 100% waterproof and will likely outlast your motorcycling years. Made of 500D Cordura Gore-Tex fabric bolstered by 1000D abrasion-resistant panels in key areas, the R-3 is meant to last through many a slide.

Not only is the R-3 built to last, but it’s built to be convenient. A zipper runs the length of the suit from collar …read more

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