Missouri Lawmakers Push to Eliminate Motorcycle Helmet Law

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By Wade Thiel

Another State to Allow Helmet-less Riders?

Missouri used to have a mandatory helmet law. It might not in the future due to the fact that lawmakers in the state repealed the old law and put in its place a law that would allow for riders over 18 with the proper insurance to ride without a helmet. The approved law by officials now sits on the Governor’s desk.

There’s a very good chance this will pass. Public health organizations and individuals urge against the new law, citing statistics that show the injuries that occur from riders not wearing a helmet often falls on the taxpayers. However, those in favor of the law say it’s about personal liberty and the right to choose.

Sen. Eric Burlison, R-Battlefield, likes the new law better than the old. He says it’s about personal choice. “There are so many citizens, especially from southwest Missouri, that volunteer their time to come up to this capitol building to advocate to have a little bit of their freedom back,” he told Springfield News-Leader.

No matter how you feel about the law, it’s clear what the smart choice is. You should wear a helmet. Helmets have been proven to reduce injuries and death considerably for riders or motorcycles. I’m a big proponent of wearing a lot more gear than just a helmet. However, it seems many states are reconsidering their helmet laws with varying results. It will be interesting to see where the Governor lands on this law.

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