Motorcyclist Magazine Will Kill Its Print Publication

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By Wade Thiel

Content Will Only Appear Online Now

Bonnier Corporation chose to end the print version of Motorcyclist Magazine. Dealer News recently reported on the fact that the magazine will no longer put out a print publication. You’ll no longer be able to go into a convenience store and grab yourself a copy.

The move to digital is not a surprising one. Print magazines and newspapers have been dying off at an alarming rate for years now. Bonnier Corporation recently shut down the print version of Hot Bike, too, and I wondered if it would only be a matter of time before the corporation’s other motorcycle publications saw the same treatment.

It’s a shame. I remember reading Motorcyclist Magazine as a kid. I’d flip through the pages of those magazines time after time even after I’d read the stories. It’s sad to see print disappear, but it makes sense. People want their content digitally.

Motorcyclist Magazine can reach more readers online, and that’s why Bonnier Corporation shut down the print. I hope Bonnier reinvests in Motorcyclist Magazine and really goes all out on the digital side of things. If they’re not going to put out a print publication, they’d better give the folks that put out the content there the resources to really kill it. It’ll be interesting to see how Motorcyclist Magazine changes moving forward.

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