Skidmarks: La Sal Motors

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By Gabe Ets-Hokin

“¡No milagro, milagro, sino industria, industria!”
(“It’s not a miracle, a miracle, but industry! Industry!”)

—Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote

Everybody who loves motorcycles, first and foremost, loves how motorcycles look.

Not every motorcycle, mind you. Not even most of them. Judging from the comments MOrons post, maybe not even more than a few of them. Or, for the crankiest and most misanthropic of the posters (you know who you are), maybe none that exist today. Or ever. And that’s fine: we all have a vision of what the perfect motorcycle looks like, and nobody is going to change our minds..

For me, it’s classic and simple: wheels, motor, tank, seat and just enough of the other crap to keep you from getting a ticket. In fact, it’s so simple the OEMs can’t really make it, darn that meddling ol’ DOT, which is why I’m not too excited about most modern bikes. Many new models look like they sprang from a Cubist rendition of a Spy vs. Spy cartoon.

La Sal workshop, Guaro, Spain.

I certainly can’t build a bike that’s both simple enough and practical enough to suit my tastes, (I tried once, but let’s not talk about that) which is why I just suck it up and ride whatever it is that’s underneath my editorial tushie. If only I had a workshop, tools, some donor bikes (and most importantly), the skill and will to turn my vision into three dimensions of roaring, snarling moto-fun.

Fortunately for those of us who appreciate rideable art, there is no shortage of customizers around the world. I think they’re my favorite sort of moto-person to write about, since artists love to show off and discuss their work, and they unapologetically love motorcycles.

Author interviewing La Sal’s Antonio Cano in his workshop. A jetlag-induced brainfart tragically deleted …read more

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