Piaggio Files Aprilia RS 660 Design But is it for the Production Model or the Concept?

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By Dennis Chung

Perhaps the biggest surprise to grace the 2018 EICMA show floor last November was Aprilia’s RS 660 concept. In a market where middleweight sportbikes seem to be on the wane, Aprilia bucked the trend with the concept and its 660cc parallel-Twin engine derived from the 1100cc RSV4 and Tuono V-4.

Aprilia is reportedly targeting a 2020 release for the production model, with spy photos of a prototype already being spotted on a racetrack. Adding fuel to the speculation is a design registration published this week by Australia’s intellectual property office showing a bike that closely resembles the concept. There are some subtle differences, but many more similarities:

The overall design is similar, with matching frames, engines, fenders and fuel tank. The outer layer of the bodywork is nearly identical, but the inner fairing is completely different, missing the center cutout but adding a smaller opening where it meets the frame. Piaggio did say the concept uses an active aerodynamics system, without providing much detail. From the front view (below) we can see the layered openings between the bodywork, but perhaps the difference in the inner panel is part of this aero package.

The front fairing is slightly revised, and the headlights are missing some additional LEDs. On the concept, this lighting was yellow, suggesting they may actually be turn signal indicators, but it’s unlikely that design would pass street homologation.

Other changes are more subtle. The design uses different wheels, adopting three Y-shaped spokes. The swingarm looks beefier and has a straighter shape than the concept’s banana-style arm. This also resulted in a different rear fender that sits further forward ahead of the swingarm’s bend.

The design also appears to depict a Sachs fork similar to the one …read more

Source:: Piaggio Files Aprilia RS 660 Design But is it for the Production Model or the Concept?


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