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By Cameron Martel

Quick Specs
$699 / Intermediate Oval / 3.9lbs / 1,769g

Note: SCHUBERTH and SENA provided the C4 Pro/SC1 respectively for the purposes of this review.

Integrated Electronics, a Revised Fit, & Numerous Improvements Make the Pro the C4 to Wear

The C4 Pro: the return to form for this venerable German helmet brand. Having heard the criticisms from many regarding the shortcomings of last year’s C4 (now called the “C4 Basic”, read my SCHUBERTH C4 review), SCHUBERTH came back with a new and improved version of what was, frankly, already a pretty good helmet. I wasn’t among the detractors as I accepted the C4 for what it was: finely engineered, albeit big and bulky.

Despite its improvements – and there are a few – I still can’t call it my modular favorite. That distinction remains with the Shoei Neotec II, which is interesting (if I’m honest) because the C4 Pro is, in many ways, a more refined helmet.

Installation of the SENA SC1, for example, takes literally 15 seconds. It’s as plug and play as it gets, and is much simpler compared to its Shoei counterpart and its SENA SRL integration. The micromech buckle is also much more comfortable on my throat compared to the Neotec II (and, frankly, every other micromech buckle I’ve ever worn). The liner is upgraded, now truly luxurious in its own right. Then, there’s also the inclusion of a proper pinlock insert vs. the proprietary adaptation present on the original C4.

But where it gains in some areas, for me, it takes a step backward in others. The fit is different than last years C4 and is noticeably more round. It’s tighter against my cheeks, turning a very comfortable C4 into something that is tight, with ever-present pressure along my jawline. The smaller shell …read more

Source:: SCHUBERTH C4 Pro w/ SENA SC1 Review


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