Top 10 Motorcycle Camping Essentials

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By Ryan Adams

I love camping. I’ve been doing it my entire life. My family would camp numerous times per year for most of my childhood and as soon as my friends and I had our licenses, we were out in the woods or at a lake in the Midwest enjoying the great outdoors more weekends than not. Once motorcycles took a stranglehold on my life, it was only natural that the two would be intertwined. From solo camping during long motorcycle trips to pitching a tent closer to home with friends, there really aren’t too many things in life I enjoy more than moto-camping.

We’ve covered some of the motorcycle camping basics. Evans even brought us beyond the basics with a peek into some extra equipment to step up your camp game. One thing is for sure, not all campers think alike. Some won’t be caught dead without their espresso maker in the morning while others feel a tent and sleeping bag is all you need. I’ve tried plenty of camping gear over the years, used numerous products on the hunt for the best, and overpacked my bikes in silly ways during moto-camping trips. I’ve managed to slim down my pack considerably since those first few trips, but there are still a few things I grab every time. These are my top 10 motorcycle camping essentials.

A Book

I enjoy reading books about travel while I’m traveling or camping. Reading Jupiter’s Travels while nestled into a hammock with nothing but the blue skies and rising redwoods in sight around you is a special treat too few have enjoyed. Recently, I’ve been on an Anthony Bourdain kick – RIP – and have brought his books with me during plenty of off-road camping trips to be read in the evening and mornings. Finding authors you …read more

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