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With summer right around the corner, many of you will face motorcycle rides in really hot temperatures, and while much attention gets put towards ventilated jackets (and rightly so), there’s another piece of gear that’s less talked about, but also important: boots. Hot, clammy feet are pretty gross, and wearing non-ventilated boots can make the situation even worse. Here, we’ve collected a small sample of riding boots that will not only protect your feet, but also flow some air. They probably won’t do much to prevent the stench, but at least they can make your feet a little more comfortable on a hot ride.

Alpinestars Sektor Vented Shoes – $140

While not a boot, many riders prefer wearing riding shoes, especially if footwear is important on and off the motorcycle. Alpinestars is known for its motorcycling footwear, and even has dedicated sport and touring boots with ventilation, but here we’re sampling the Sektor vented shoes – likely a lesser-known product in the A-Star line. It uses durable lightweight microfiber to protect against abrasion without adding extra weight, and the perforated microfiber panels flow air to keep your feet cool when the temperatures rise. Alpinestars’ speed lacing system and ankle straps make slipping into the Sektor boots quick and easy without undermining security. External TPR material at the toe helps to reinforce against abrasion.

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Cortech Impulse Air RR Boots – $200

The Impulse Air by Cortech delivers some premium features for a price that won’t break the bank. You can see in the photo a triangulated carbon fiber bracing structure that covers both ankles. This helps keep the ankle from moving in an unwanted fashion, while a TPU injected heel guard is big and beefy to keep the Achilles safe. …read more

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