MV Agusta Stands Behind Its Controversial Sexy Superveloce Ad

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MV Agusta Sees Nothing Wrong With the Ad

We reported on the MV Agusta Superveloce 800 when the company announced it would build the motorcycle. The bike is downright beautiful, with a near perfect blend of retro style a modern technology. Shortly after we reported on the bike, MV Agusta let loose with a video advertisement that angered and annoyed many people around the world.

The ad was hyper-sexualized with a naked woman writhing and stroking the machine in seductive ways. Honestly, it looks like she straight up wants to screw the bike. This mechanophilia didn’t go over well, and many of all genders are calling foul. Cycle World managed to sit down with MV Agusta’s CEO Timur Sadarov to discuss the reaction to the advertisement.

Sadarov said that he views the ad as artistic expression and said that the ad works with the company’s slogan, which is “Motorcycle Art.” The ad was supossed to connect with people and show the relationship between people, their machines, and all the feelings wrapped up into them. “We fully stand behind the creator and director,” said Sadarov.

The problem may stem from how sexualized the video actually is. The woman in it is completely naked, writing, and calling out to the motorcycle. Personally, I think the video is completely over the top. When I first watched it, I laughed out loud. It’s just too much. They could have gotten the point across with a less explicit video. With that said, it has certainly got people talking, and that is definitely the point of any advertisement.

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