Church of MO: 2006 Rocket Tour Worlds Fastest Imbeciles

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By John Burns

Thirteen years ago, Gabe, Pete and Fonzie (hereafter known as the “Three Wise Men”) set forth upon this great continent dedicated to the proposition that speed is good, and that more speed is better – testing whether these motorcycles, or any motorcycles so conceived and dedicated, could long endure. Ah, turns out the answer is yes. Suzuki and Kawasaki are still turning these things out. We’d like to ride them to Mammoth again as soon as they add cruise control.

2006 Rocket Tour – World’s Fastest Imbeciles

2006 Kawasaki ZX-14 and the 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa

By MO Staff

    Apr. 26, 2006

    Photography by Fonzie
    “Who the hell is this for, anyway?That’s the question a rational person would ask when confronted with the concept of a 160-plus horsepower motorcycle designed to cruise comfortably at triple-digit speeds. However, we at MO don’t take the moniker “MOron” lightly, so we decided last year to do a real-world test of the fastest sportbikes on Earth as soon as they were both available at once. Is it better to tour on a heavyweight hyperbike than on something less powerful and more sensible? Can a sane, law-abiding person get any benefit from a 500-pound vehicle that makes more power than most 3,000-pound cars? Do stick-on Mohawk wigs stay on at 160 mph?

    Here we have moved MO to the mountain.

    What sort of bikes are we talking about here, anyway? At the Kawasaki ZX-14 intro we attended a few months ago, Kawasaki’s media relations people referred to the 190 hp device as a “flagship” sportbike. It’s an expression of the manufacturer’s corporate prowess, a symbol of engineering excellence. When it comes to such a vehicle, engineers are given almost free reign to build the fastest, best-handling, most comfortable and prestigious motorcycles.

    The class is a small one. Both Honda and Yamaha have had such bikes …read more

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