Phantom Textile Adventure Pants: An Impressive Pair

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By Bruce Cole


Welcome to the third and final installment in this Motonation Apparel Series that has already featured the Pursang Jacket and the Cappra Vented Mesh Pant – this one highlights the Phantom Textile Pants – as in two-pair.

Motonation is a well-known source for premier riding gear, having been in the import business for some time. And during this time, they also accrued significant design and marketing experience that led to the introduction of their own brand – Motonation Apparel.

They also remain the exclusive North American importer for Forcefield, Trilobite, Sidi Design Series, and Vemar brands with wBW continuing a long tradition of reviewing many of the products from all these brands.

It was acknowledged going into these reviews that there would be some size/fitment issues, some relatively well known including the default 32in inseam of the textile pants, whereas my desired inseam length is 33 minimum and 34 optimal; but, we were able to address this to a degree (more on this later).

And in having a total of four Motonation Apparel textile products to review, three in the Sand tone and one in basic Black a lot of consistencies and very few inconsistencies are observable between all the gear; seemingly a trend for all the Motonation gear reviewed lately by wBW.

Left to right: Cappra 2XL (sand), Phantom 2XL (sand), Phantom 3XL (black)

The original shipment from Motonation included the Pursang Jacket, Cappra Vented Pants and a pair of the Phantom Pants – all in Sand and all 2XL Regular sized. But in doing some fitment follow-up with Jason at Motonation he said a 3XL black pair of Phantom pants were available if I wanted to try them as well and given their 33in inseam, it was a done deal.

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