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The longer you ride the more your seat matters – in both years ridden and distance traveled. Air bladders and rubber donuts and bead seats can take you so far; past there it might be time to bite the bullet and replace your factory seat with something upscale, something more befitting your two-wheeled station in life. Here’s a smattering of what’s available for a wide range of bikes, from Goldwing to sportbike.

Mustang Super Touring Seat For Harley Freewheeler 2015-2019 – $540

Mustang’s Super Touring sweetheart fits 36 different late-model Harleys, and has all kinds of 5-star reviews. It sits the driver 1-¾-inch further back than the stock seat in a thicker, firmer seat that’s 19 inches wide, ahead of the passenger’s 14-in wide saddle. Mustang says its one-piece, super-comfortable design provides the rider with the fullest, most comfortable seat possible, and it’s made in the USA.

Shop for the Mustang Super Touring Seat here

Saddlemen Adventure Track Seat – $375 – $839

With fitments for all sorts of ADV bikes from BMW to DRZ to KTM, this high-tech hybrid seat combines Saddlemens’ SaddleGel interior, progressive density foam, and a gel channel to provide unparalleled comfort and control. That channel in the base foam goes easy on the old perineal area and increases blood flow, keeping you in the saddle longer and happier. The vinyl and rugged micro-fiber suede cover is said to hold up to hard use while providing a superb blend of comfort and control. Some applications for mid-sized dualsports have a standard foam design (no GC) with a gripper and vinyl cover better suited to “rigorous riding.” Integrated cargo mounting points on the pillion portion of the Adventure-class seat sets make it easy to attach Saddlemen’s Adventure PACK luggage or other cargo, and most …read more

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