Best Motorcycle Airbag Jackets

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The latest rage in safety advancements for motorcyclists is airbag technology, and for good reason: it can dramatically reduce the severity of injuries during a crash. Obviously, nothing is 100% guaranteed to keep you from getting hurt (or worse) when you go down, but airbags have shown how effective they are in cars. Now, the tech is slowly trickling down to motorcycles. Here we’ve compiled a list of airbag jackets from various manufacturers to give you a better landscape of what’s available and what they protect – primarily the collarbones, vital organs, ribs, and back. Some even go so far as to cradle the neck. The triggering is provided either by a tether or electronic sensors. Here they are in alphabetical order.

Alpinestars Tech Air Race Vest – $1150

Alpinestars Tech Air Race Airbag System is a state-of-the-art, tether-free airbag protection system designed to be used with Alpinestars Tech Air Race prepared riding gear. The onboard computer system uses Alpinestars’ proprietary algorithms to process the information gathered by the vest’s accelerometers and gyroscope. Should the system sense a crash, it can trigger and fully inflate the airbag in 45 milliseconds, providing comprehensive protection to the rider’s full back, shoulders, kidney area and chest. The Tech Air is ready to go right out of the box – no need to install sensors on the bike or go through a complicated pairing process. Simply install the vest in a compatible jacket or race suit and go ride.

The Tech Air Race comes preloaded with Alpinestars racing algorithms—the same algorithms used in MotoGP and WSBK– which are designed to detect the crashes typical of closed course competition. In this configuration, the system only uses one of its two charges at a time, saving the remaining charge for a second deployment. The vest is immediately ready to …read more

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