Aerostich Cousin Jeremy Suit Review: Part Two

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By Brandon Jackson


It’s not often that I write a multi-part review but I felt it was necessary in the case of the Cousin Jeremy suit. I wanted to be able to not only describe the details of the suit but also be able to report on how the suit it breaks in and how this impacts comfort and fit.

This installment will also take a look at the protective features of the Cousin Jeremy as well as details on how Aerostich worked with me to adjust the fit of the suit I was sent.

In that initial review, I offered a detailed look at the suit and took a deep dive into the construction details of the pants and jacket. If you missed the initial installment of our Cousin Jeremy two-piece suit review you can check it out here.

Now let’s take a look at how the suit fit when I received it, and what happened after that in order to get the fit right for me.


When the large box containing my new Cousin Jeremy two-piece suit arrived I was quite excited to get the package open. Once I managed to unpack everything and carefully place tags and documents aside I tried on the jacket.

Initial Flexibility

The first thing I noticed was that I couldn’t bend my elbows. It was late December and the box had been sitting outside for a while. As such, the included TF3 armor had become stiff as a board and I immediately took it back off (more about this armor later).

I impatiently waited for the pieces to reach room temperature and tried on the jacket again an hour later. With the armor now pliable I was able to get a sense of how the jacket fit and I found it to be, in a word, excellent.

TF2 armor I received …read more

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