Five RS4 Gloves: Versatility Realized

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By Bruce Cole


One never has enough riding gear, and this includes gloves, of all types and purpose. Gloves are, to degrees, like helmets in reflecting specific functionality and application along with a helping of personality and, hopefully, equal regard for personal protective gear safety.

In doing my usual scoping of the goodies in the accessory department of a local motorcycle dealer a couple of months ago and in having an ongoing requirement for another pair of good multi-purpose lightweight gloves, trying on a couple of pairs of in-brands not seen before paid off.

It was the fluorescent yellow inserts and layout of certain components that really drew my attention on the first pass – the varied pattern material construct including the bright yellow sections and a prominent wrap-around approach palm guard.

The second pass included a close inspection of everything followed by almost half an hour of wearing and flexing them and trying them on two different motorcycles for a few minutes each. The deal was sealed.

So with the Five RS4 gloves in 2XL paid for and all the usual marketing material removed, they were put to immediate use on a part-day mixed surface ride, one the best ways to assess a new pair of gloves… with an older pair taking a well-deserved break in the backbox – always there for the ride and just in case…

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