Church of MO: 2009 250cc Streetbike Shootout

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By John Burns

It’s beginning to look like the meek may not inherit the earth after all, brethren, but if they’re as meek as these five bikes were ten years ago, that’s a good thing. Truly, a couple of these are still around – one has grown into a real motorcycle for not much more money than ten years ago, and one remains as it was then, but for quite a bit more coin. The others seem to have disappeared into the mists of time. Sad. OK, not really.

2009 250cc Streetbike Shootout

CFMoto V3 Sport vs. Hyosung GT250R vs. Johnny Pag FX/3 vs. Kawasaki Ninja 250R vs. Suzuki TU250X

By Pete Brissette Nov. 13, 2009
Photography by Alfonse Palaima Video by Fonzie

Performance-driven sportbikes, cruisers of various displacements and their flashy custom cruiser brethren dominate the current American street motorcycle culture.Standard-style, sport-tourers, full-on touring sleds and a sprinkling of vintage machines round out the rest of what most of us ride. Lost in the shuffle of 160-hp near race-spec rockets and $40K ego boosters are the little ‘uns.

Walk into any large, multi-line dealership and see how many mighty-mites you can find. Ask the sales team if they have a few 250s to look at, and they’ll likely show you two, 50cc mini-motos or maybe a pastel-colored scooter.

But if you’re an urban dweller with little need to travel the Super Slab, or play Ricky Racer on the weekend, and have an eye toward fuel economy and low MSRPs, then, like us, you’ll agree the little bikes deserve more time in the limelight.

Five options for the 250cc buyer. Some are outstanding examples of what’s available today, and some are, well, just examples.

We wanted to take a closer look at this market segment that’s often forgotten, so we collected five machines with various engine configurations all in the …read more

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