Top 10 Reasons to Quit Fooling Around and Buy a New Motorcycle Right Now

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By John Burns

The only reason I’m not buying a new motorcycle right now is because I currently have a new BMW S1000R on loan, and a KTM SMC 690R – and an old R1 sitting in my garage. Otherwise, I’d be down there toot sweet, bending all the bored salesmen at my local dealer over backwards on a killer deal on something new. It is my sacred duty on some level, as a licensed motojournalist, to sell motorcycles to people. But this time I think my heart is truly in it. No, really… Here’s why. (lead image courtesy of Bert’s Mega Mall)

Dr. Fabio Taglioni, courtesy of Museo Ducati

10. We owe it to the people who create them

As I sat there yet again on my couch Sunday morning, cursing Marc Marquez and quaffing a beverage, it occurred to me that without Honda and Yamaha and Suzuki and Ducati and Kawasaki and KTM, I don’t know what I would’ve done on all these summer Sundays stretching back into antiquity. Through all the hard times the market’s experienced over the last decade (maybe especially the US one), those guys have continued to step up to the plate, delivering not only racing excitement and heroes to worship, but also continuing to trickle that high-tech all the way down into motorcycles you can actually buy. You owe it to Soichiro, Mr. Baba, and Dr. Taglioni to do so now and then, whether you need a new bike or not.

9. Because you can

If you’ve got the disposable income during this time when many others do not, you owe it to the rest of us to stimulate the economy and keep the manufacturers in business until the wealth trickles all the way down; you especially owe it to us motojournalists, who rely upon a press …read more

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