2020 Triumph Tiger 900 Spy Photos

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By Evans Brasfield

During the dark of night, these photos appeared in the MO inbox, and we’re trying to make sense of them. From the number of wires, cables, and data equipment visible, the shots appear to be of a Triumph Tiger in the very early stages of development, and from the details we can make out, we think it lies somewhere between the Tiger 800 and the Tiger 1200. Since Triumph appears to be targeting the Honda Africa Twin, we predict a displacement between 900cc and 1000cc, with the lower end being a bit more likely.

The engine’s exterior looks almost identical to the current 800 Triple, but there are a few noticeable changes. For example, the sump looks to be machined from billet aluminum, hinting at the relative one-off nature of this test mule. To our eyes, it looks slightly bigger. The stator cover on the left side of the engine looks to be a prototype, too. Perhaps due to a larger charging capacity. Also of note are the twin radiators delivering more cooling for a larger engine. While the headers appear similar to those of the 800, the three pipes joining into one before running beneath the engine, the muffler is clearly a work in progress. So, we suspect the exhaust is a complete redesign to cope with the added displacement. Given the timing, we think this update to the 800 engine was prompted by the need to be Euro 5 compliant to meet new emissions and noise standards. Given the Tiger 800 basis, we’d expect the power delivery to come in higher than the 800’s 94 hp at around the 100-105 hp range.

With the changes to the engine, the chassis needed to be enlarged to accommodate the twin radiators. We can’t help but note that this …read more

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