MO Tested: KTM PowerParts Wave Brake Discs

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By Evans Brasfield

If I was happy with how EBC brake pads improved the KTM 790 Duke’s binders, why would I install the PowerParts Wave Discs? First, I was curious if the discs really would deliver KTM’s claimed 25% increase in braking power, and after our recent trip to Laguna Seca, where I found myself coming into the corners at increasingly higher speeds and requiring more and more from my brakes throughout the day, I realized that perhaps more power at the lever would be a good thing. So, I decided to check out the waves, front and rear.

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Like the OEM discs, the PowerParts Wave Discs are sourced from Galfer. However, they are very different units. While both sets of front discs are 300mm items (Galfer does have a 320mm kit, though.), they offer some structural differences, but first, we’ll cover the similarities. Both discs use the same 420 high-carbon stainless steel for the swept area of the disc. Both are laser cut instead of stamped, which allows for more consistent shapes. Although they receive different grinding treatments, both discs are put through the same parallel double disc grinding machines. (The PowerParts discs receive a slightly coarser grind, according to my contact at Galfer.)

Installing the PowerParts discs is just about as easy as motorcycle upgrades get.

If the standard discs and the PowerParts ones have so much in common, what explains the performance and price difference? First, cutting wave discs with their non-uniform shape and irregular inner holes takes the laser cutting machine much longer than simply cutting circles. The reasoning behind the waves are twofold: Weight is reduced on the outer edges and heat dissipation is assisted by …read more

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