MO Tested: Pirelli Supercorsa TD Review

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By Troy Siahaan

If you’re like me, you love ripping around at trackdays, going as fast as you want without the fear of cops or opposing traffic waiting to ruin your day. That feeling you get when you know your tires are nice and hot and can do no wrong is simply magical and adds to the allure of motorcycling you simply can’t explain to your non-riding buddies. But if you’re also like me, then you’re lazy and too much of a cheapskate to bother buying tire warmers and a generator to operate them. So what’s one to do if excellent grip is the goal, but putting those pigs in a blanket just ain’t gonna happen?

Lazy cheapskates rejoice! Pirelli has the answer. It’s called the Supercorsa TD (bet you’ll never guess what the TD stands for…). Following in a long line of hugely successful versions and iterations of the Supercorsa, Pirelli has once again taken the knowledge it’s gained from competing as the sole tire supplier to the World Superbike series, and applied it to street tires you and I can use. (If all you care about is the riding impressions, scroll down a few paragraphs).

How do you know if you’re on the Supercorsa TD? Look for the letters on the sidewall.

How They Did It

In the TD’s case, Oscar Solis, the Motorcycle Road Race Manager for Pirelli North America, saw a gap in the company’s offerings – that of the budget-conscious trackday goer. So, he took it upon himself to develop a new version of the Supercorsa to cater to this group. Doing much of the donkey work in the TD’s development was none other than Jake Zemke, primarily aboard Ducati’s fire-breathing Panigale V4. If the TD could stand up to the rigors of the Panigale, then it can surely handle anything else.

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