Riding the Zero SR/F Pikes Peak Racer

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By Troy Siahaan

The official line whenever I’ve spoken to Zero reps is that the company is in the business of making street bikes, not racers. But the hot rodding spirit is alive and burning when you look into the eyes of some of the people who work there, and so it only comes naturally that a core group of enthusiasts would take an SR/F and push its limits.

Having spent a little time with a stock SR/F, I’m familiar with the bike and how it behaves. Other than the instant torque, nothing about it really screams out “race me!” The seat’s cushy, the bars don’t tilt you forward too much, and the riding experience is just… pleasant (whether I want to shell out $20-large for one is another story, but I digress). Hopping onto the Pikes Peak SR/F, where I got to spin a few laps at the world-famous Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca after World Superbike weekend, things felt… almost the same, actually. Just a little more focused. And before we go any further, if you’re not caught up on how the standard SR/F and Pikes Peak bike differ, click here to read about the conversion.

The opening picture at the top of the page is the only good shot of me on the Pikes Peak SR/F, so instead I’ll bombard you with pictures of its rightful pilot, Cory West.

The feeling you get from the saddle as you call for a healthy dose of electrons is actually pretty similar to the standard bike – which in itself is still insanely quick. Not surprising considering the motor, controller, and battery are unchanged. You sit a little higher on the Pikes bike though, thanks to the custom subframe. The seat is also a little harder as a result, which is …read more

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