Best Off-Road Gas Tanks

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The allure of off-road riding for many is simply the ability to go further. To explore the unknown. To get as far as possible from our daily grind and the hustle and bustle of life. But to get out there, and more importantly to be able to get back, it’s not often an OEM fuel tank is going to deliver the kind of range we moto-Magellans are looking for. This is yet another area where we can turn to the aftermarket to fill our needs. From larger fuel tanks to auxiliary canisters and bottles, there are plenty of ways to ensure you’ll have enough fuel to explore further and make it back to camp at the end of the day. Here’s MO‘s list of the best off-road gas tanks.


Italian manufacturer Acerbis has been in the plastics business, among others, since 1973. Now the company manufactures everything from off-road and dual-sport gear to plastics, gas tanks, and nearly everything in between. Acerbis has offered larger capacity tanks to suit off-road explorers and desert racers alike for many years now. Typically available in black or natural (with OE-specific colors also available for some models) colors – natural being our favorite since you can actually see how much gas you have available – Acerbis offers tanks for many models that can range from three-gallon capacities all the way to five-and-a-quarter. That’s a lot of dino juice! Being that the Italian manufacturer has been around for a minute, they offer tanks for most major off-road motorcycle manufacturers and models. Have a look at for fitment. Prices vary by model, but range from $220 – $460.

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