MO Tested: Rizoma Gas Cap, Mirrors, Pegs, And Turn Signals

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By Evans Brasfield

As I’ve progressed my way through this 790 Duke project, I’ve mostly concentrated on parts that improve the KTM’s function or provide some sort of protection. Since I’m typically a function over form kinda guy, this is to be expected. However, there are some features of the Duke that, despite their utility, I thought needed replacing. For example, the stock mirrors, while performing their intended job quite well, broke up the angular lines of the bike and looked like rubber flippers mounted on the handlebar. And don’t get me started on the stock turn signals!

Anyone who has looked at custom motorcycles – particularly sporty ones – has probably seen Rizoma accessories, whether they knew it or not. The Italian company has a reputation for well-designed, premium accessories. Consequently, that’s where I started my search.

Leggera Turn Signals

The parts that had me looking through the Rizoma website in the first place were the turn signals. To my eye, the KTM PowerParts Turn Signal Kit is an exceptionally nice looking replacement for the huge DOT-mandated turn signals the 790 came with. Unfortunately, that factory accessory kit is only available overseas where LED turn signals are standard. Bummer. Still, I thought I’d seen those turn signals before, and after a little poking around on the Rizoma website, I discovered I was right.

So, I ordered four Leggera turn signals ($77 each). When coupled with two Indicator Light Adapter kits ($11 each) and two Indicator Light and “Veloce L” cable Kits ($32 each), installing the signals was almost as plug-and-play as it gets – that is until I turned on the signals and got rapidly flashing indicators and an error message on the TFT dash.

Thus began a troubleshooting odyssey. The resistors that were included with the Leggera signals didn’t help. Getting my …read more

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