Church of MO: Open Twin Cruisers 98

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By John Burns

It is only right and fitting that this week’s reading in the Church of MO is 21 years old, since that’s how old you should be to read this lurid comparison: Filled with sexual innuendo, smoldering burnouts and Sunset Strip cruising with an actual rock star and a female tester, this was MO at its most prurient and irresponsible. Thank God we’ve seen the light.

Open Twin Cruisers ’98

The Definition of Cruising

By Staff May. 01, 1998
Photography by Billy Bartels

    cruise ‘kruz vb cruised; cruising 1: to be on one’s way 2: to travel for the sake of traveling 3: to go about the streets at random but on the lookout for possible developments 4: to search (as in public places) for a sexual partner.LOS ANGELES, May, 1998 — Cruising is not about speed, high performance, and extreme handling. Cruising is about, well, cruising. Wind-in-your-hair, bugs-in-your-teeth, elemental motorcycling, the way God intended it. On a sportbike, the object is to arrive at your destination as fast as possible. On a cruiser, you are the destination. No hurry. No problem.

    Sure, cruiser riders are concerned about performance and power. Witness the aftermarket, which offers pistons and cranks and fuel-injection systems by the truckload. Still, cruisers are, by and large, not purchased as go-fast motorcycles.

    Cruising is a lot about styling. Let the crowd on the crotch rockets sneer, but parked at the local hangout, which bikes get the majority of attention from the chicks? True, some women do prefer sportbikes, but a sportbike is more likely to be checked out by another sportbike rider, and almost as often as not, derided rather than admired. Go to the local sportbike hangout and watch them as they circle each other’s bike. On the surface, both pretend to profess admiration, but inside you know both are thinking, with smug …read more

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