Best Motorcycle LED Turn Signals

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Most motorcycle manufacturers don’t seem to put much consideration into the design of their turn signals, and many of the ones who do aren’t allowed to use them on their US models; thankfully the aftermarket has both problems covered. Available in a series of designs, aftermarket signals can be sleek for streetfighters, classic for cruisers, or even discreet for sportbikes. Now, with the proliferation of LEDs, signals can be incredibly slim and incredibly bright. All with little draw on the electrical system. Here we’ve collected a small sampling of LED signals for nearly every kind of motorcycle.

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Rizoma Club Turn Signal – $77-$87

The Rizoma Club’s compact and sleek bullet shape is perfect at giving your motorcycle that custom bike look. Inside each turn signal are bright LEDs that are further enhanced by the crystal clear lens. The body is billet aluminum with a waterproof seal. Available in amber/red or amber/white for front or rear applications, the indicators also include resistors.

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LighTech Sequential LED Turn Signal – $72.40

Formerly reserved only for high-end European automobiles, sequential LED turn signals have finally trickled down to motorcycles. If you like the idea of each diode coming on a fraction of a second after another, LighTech has you covered. There are seven LEDs per signal, and the housing itself is constructed from durable ABS plastic. These signals will fit 8mm mounts and are sold in pairs.

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Speedmetal LED Lighted Tip Turn Signals – $29.99

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