MO Testing: WPS Firepower Featherweight Lithium Battery

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By John Burns

Well, the old Shorai LFX battery lasted nine years in my carbureted 2000 Yamaha R1, so if this one does that well, I’ll be happy. When we got the Shorai in 2010, lightweight lithium batteries were a new and exciting technology to fear and loathe, and Shorai was one of the only players. Today, there are many more lithiums on the field, so I did what most people do: I looked for the cheapest lithium battery that didn’t have terrible reviews.

That wound up being the WPS Firepower Featherweight HJT12B-FPP. According to the specs, it’s got a bit more firepower than the old Shorai – 310 cold cranking amps versus 270. Instead of about $180 for the Shorai, I found this one on Amazon for $116.

The Shorai was a lithium iron battery; the WPS Featherweight claims to use Lithium Ion Polymer technology. The spec chart says it weighs 3.5 pounds, which feels just about the same as the Shorai it’s replacing. A main benefit of both batteries, of course, is they’re way lighter than old-fashioned lead acid batteries. The Featherweight is larger than the Shorai though; it fills up the old R1’s battery box just like the stocker used to.

Right out of the box, the Featherweight was showing fully charged on its built-in meter, which my multimeter backed up by registering 13.2 volts of charge.

Hooking up the terminals and hitting the starter button had the 998cc four spinning merrily along and firing up within three seconds, and actually firing on all four cylinders after a couple minutes. (Maybe that half can of old Seafoam I poured in there a couple months ago actually did something?) I badly wanted to blast over to the gas station ten miles away that pumps 100 octane race fuel …read more

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