SCHUBERTH M1 PRO + SC1M: Modern Open Face & Integrated Electronics

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By Alan Buller


SCHUBERTH has long been known for its high-end class-leading helmets. After reading Cameron Martel’s recent review of the C4 Pro, I was intrigued to try out a SCHUBERTH helmet. Shortly after Cam’s review, the opportunity came up to try the open face M1 PRO, and I jumped at it.

The M1 PRO is SCHUBERTH’s entry in the open face helmet category. In the past, I have worn half helmets and open face helmets. For the last three seasons, I have almost exclusively used a modular or full-face helmet. I was looking forward to feeling a bit of wind in my face, especially with the temperature rising in the middle of the summer.

As I mentioned in a recent review of the Nexx X.G100 Racer, I am not one for a lot of flashy colors on my riding gear or any clothing for that matter. That helmet was a few baby steps in the direction of “embracing color”. Well, in the color department, this helmet could be viewed as a few giant steps back. The color… Matte Stonegrey!

My hope was that the helmet would arrive for an annual three-day trip that I make with a group of friends, some of which I have known since my early teens. Sadly, the helmet did not arrive on time. Instead, my local riding buddies Norm and Peter had been anxious to ride a twisty secondary highway that crosses the beautiful Muskoka and Parry Sound regions north of Toronto. I thought the 500 km ride would be a great initial test for the SCHUBERTH M1 PRO.

I enjoyed the ride so much, that a week later, I did a similar loop with my brother Bob and friend Tim, hitting many of the same roads. So, along with a few other riders, I have been lucky enough …read more

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