Church of MO: 1999 Harley-Davidson FXDX-CONV Dyna Convertible

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By John Burns

Twenty years ago, Harley-Davidson was still on the cutting edge with its Convertibles – motorcycles with ingenious removable windshields and bags that let one wander the desert for 40 years, or cruise through Sodom and Gomorrah in equal style. The FX had been in since 1971, the dial-up modem allowed you to read this review in only a few hours, and if you’d said the LiveWire will be here in 20 years, they’d have laughed you right out of the asylum.

Harley-Davidson FXDX-CONV Dyna Convertible

By Don Crafts Mar. 15, 1999
CHICAGO, IL February 2, 1999 — Back in 1971 a young Willie G. Davidson took the first of many cues from the custom builders of the times. He grafted a Sportster front end onto an FLH frame. The result was the Super Glide, the first FX. The ‘F’ stood for FLH, the ‘X’ for XLH. The idea was simple – add Sportster handling characteristics to a big twin. An idea that has been all but lost in today’s landscape of super fat, super heavy, super wide cruisers.
Still, despite the “wider and lower is better” mantra of the 90’s cruiser scene, the concept of a versatile cruiser, with great handling characteristics, still has fans at 3700 West Juneau Avenue. The Motor Company calls these bikes ‘Dyna Glides’ and the most versatile of all the Dyna’s is the Dyna Convertible.

As its name suggests, the Convertible’s claim to fame is its ability to change from a stripped-down boulevard cruiser to a back-road tourer.

It accomplishes this through the use of a quick release full-sized Lexan windshield and removable soft saddlebags. When stripped it is essentially a Dyna Low Rider. When dressed out it could be seen as the rough equivalent of a sporty Road King.

The optically-correct windshield is …read more

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