MO Tested: Evotech-Performance Accessories

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By Evans Brasfield

I first learned about Evotech-Performance products when I was searching for a radiator guard in my first installment of KTM 790 Duke upgrades. I was so impressed with the quality, fit, and finish of the radiator guard that I started scoping out other Evotech-Performance pieces – particularly some that either offer crash protection or clean up the back of the bike’s lines.

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Crash Bobbins

The top bolt is the one that attaches to the bar that connects to the bracket on the left side of the bike.

Whether you call them crash bobbins or frame protectors, their job is the same. The Evotech Crash Bobbins are designed to hold your bike’s delicate parts off the ground in a slide. Although there are several companies that offer this type of crash protection, the Crash Bobbins caught my attention because of the bar that connects the bobbin on one side to that on the other. Since the slider portion is slightly cantilevered away from where it is bolted to the chassis, having it connected to the mounting hardware on both sides of the bike should make it twice as strong.

On the right side of the bike, the billet aluminum mounting plate attaches via two bolts. The bobbin (or bung, if you prefer) then bolts the plate to a rod that passes through the frame to the left side of the bike where a similarly beefy machined aluminum bracket resides. Once everything is torqued into place, the whole assembly looks to be sturdy enough to withstand a slide from speed. The aluminum parts have a heavy, textured powder coat that should …read more

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