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Kisan Electronics Wants to Keep You (and Your Bike) Safe From Distracted Drivers

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By Sponsored Have you ever wanted to grab an oblivious motorist and scream “CAN YOU SEE ME NOW?” after narrowly avoiding a crash? There’s no doubt that the number-one cause of multi-vehicle crashes involving motorcycles is a car violating a motorcycle’s right of way at an intersection. “I didn’t see him!” is the frequent excuse. …

KTM and GasGas Team Up

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By Wade Thiel KTM Grows in Strength a Bit More There have been rumors of a KTM and GasGas partnership of some kind. The companies announced the deal recently. GasGas Motorcycles is owned by Black Toro Capital is now officially in cooperation with KTM. The company is mostly a trials and enduro bike company. The …

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2019 AIMExpo Recap

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By Wade Thiel Two Days at the American International Motorcycle Expo As many of our readers know from our social media pages, we spent two days in Columbus, Ohio, at the 2019 AimExpo on September 26th and 27th. Jim, Cameron, and I did our best to connect with the right folks to get our hands …

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Best Motorcycle Oil Filters

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By Staff Oil filters. Not the most glamorous component of a motorcycle, but many would argue it’s one of the most important. As we all know, oil plays a critical role in keeping our motorcycles running optimally, and the filter’s role in keeping the oil clean is vital. While fundamentally one oil filter is …