Best Electric Motorcycle of 2019

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By Evans Brasfield

Best Electric Motorcycle of 2019: Zero SR/F

The last 10 years have taken us through the childhood of electric motorcycles, and now we find ourselves firmly in the technology’s adolescence. Through it all, only one manufacturer has been producing electric bikes that entire time, Zero. This year, the company finally advanced to the Zero SR/F, a no-excuses motorcycle, competent in its ability to take a blast down a winding mountain road as it is in the daily grind of commuter duty. Yes, battery technology still has a ways to go to achieve the convenience that we’ve enjoyed with internal combustion engines (ICE), but the SR/F is the first bike from Zero to truly incorporate industrial design to feel like a full-grown motorcycle; one that bears only a passing resemblance to its older, less capable siblings. Electric bikes have finally come of age.

Exclusive: 2020 Zero SR/F Review – First Ride

Zero’s timing couldn’t be better. It’s longest competitor, Energica, will most likely be reaping R&D gains from its relationship with the FIM MotoE racing series, and the first major manufacturer of ICE motorcycles to enter the full-sized electric street bike market, none other than the juggernaut of Harley-Davidson, has thrown its production bike, the Livewire, into the ring. The competition is about to get serious, and in the SR/F Zero has the platform to face the challenge.

Using both the battery box and the motor as stressed members of the frame, the SR/F can hang with any comparable roadster on a winding section of road. The fully-adjustable Showa suspension allows the rider to tune performance to their needs. The dual J.Juan radial 4-piston calipers with radial master cylinder are also a nice upgrade to previous generation Zeros. However, in a first for an electric motorcycle, a Bosch MSC is …read more

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