Best Standard Motorcycle of 2019

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By Evans Brasfield

Best Standard Motorcycle of 2019: Triumph Speed Twin

Triumph knows a thing or two about winning Best Standard MOBOs. Last year, the Street Triple RS took home the honors, and two years before that, the Street Twin landed a MOBO. Impressive. And that’s the word that we would use to describe the 2019 Triumph Speed Twin.

2019 Triumph Speed Twin Review – First Ride

You start with the standard Bonneville profile as required to fit Triumph’s Modern Classic designation. To that, you mix in the Thruxton‘s 1200cc High Power parallel-Twin engine and trim off 5.5-pounds of fat. A lighter crankshaft makes for a quicker revving, more responsive mill that delivers a broad, flat torque curve that is sure to please anyone who throws a leg over the bike. Since weight loss was a theme for the Speed Twin, the front wheel lost 6.4 pounds, which pays dividends in acceleration, braking, and turning. The rear wheel loses less weight, but its placement on the rim means that there is 43% reduction in inertia.

Ironically, these performance improvements were given to a bike that is less performance-based than the model that the parts were derived from. So, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the changes trickle-up to the Thruxton in 2020. To support this idea that the Thruxton is still supposed to be the sportiest member of the Modern Classics, the Speed Twin receives a non-adjustable fork and twin shocks with preload adjustment only. Still, despite those cost-cutting features, the Speed Twin performs quite well. In fact, even with the less advanced suspension, the Speed Twin is a better all-around motorcycle.

The riding position is upright with a nice, wide handlebar to exploit the quicker steering. The footpegs also are more relaxed, making the Speed Twin a practical bike that …read more

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