Ducati Confirms New Multistrada V4 for 2021

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By Dennis Chung

Ducati confirmed a Multistrada V4 is on the way, but not until 2021. But the extra wait may be worth it, as Ducati says it will use a “new, specific V4 engine”, and will be offered alongside the V-Twin 1260 and 950 Multistradas.

These fairly significant details come, surprisingly, came buried at the end of a press release celebrating the 100,000th Multistrada to roll off the assembly line. We’ve included the full press release below, but the most interesting part is the final sentence:

“Development is ongoing, and in 2021 the Multistrada family will expand to see the twin cylinder 1260 and 950 motorcycles joined by a version with a new, specific V4 engine.”

There’s quite a bit to unpack here, in just one sentence. Spy images and even video of a V4-engined Multistrada popped up online over the summer, but Ducati’s statement suggests the test bike was still at an early stage of the project. And, while the Panigale V4 has replaced the 1299 V-Twin Panigale, the 1260 and 950 Multistradas will remain in the lineup along with the new V4 model. The V-Twin Multistradas currently displace 1262cc and 937cc, and the 1103cc V-Four would fit snugly in between.

The words “new” and “specific” offers a bit of ambiguity. The wording likely means the engine is a simply a “tuned for torque” version of the engine powering the Panigale V4 (and the soon-to-debut Streetfighter V4). The word choice does leave open the possibility of it being a completely different engine, and perhaps even a different displacement. As cool as that would be, however, it strikes us as unlikely at this point.

Begin Press Release:

Ducati Multistrada hits the 100,000 mark

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