Revzilla Open-Box and Blemished Merch Bargains

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By John Burns

My wife called it “the dinge binge,” the rack at the back corner of the store where the day-old bakery stuff’s a buck, and slightly dented cans are half-off. Yo, we’re not going to eat the can anyway. Botu-what? You know you’re going to drop and/or scratch that new helmet eventually. It’s traditional to roll on the ground in new leathers to ward off bad luck. Why not nip evil in the bud by saving a bundle on these pre-distressed items? These four items only scratch the surface.

Arai Defiant Base Helmet Frost Black/White / 3XL [Blemished] – $450

Looks like this $750 Arai is marked down 40% because the SNELL sticker on back is having an issue. Could be a serious bargain if you’re possessed of an unusually large intermediate-oval skull and a streetfighter or naked bike. Many deals on similar helmets abound…

Shop for the Arai Defiant here

Dainese Mike Women’s Leather Jacket Black / 48 [Blemished – Very Good] – $396

If you’re a size-48 woman named Mike, here’s your jacket and it’s 48% off, now just $396. The fine print says there’s a light scuff in the leather in the left chest area. We might call that “patina,” which should go nicely with the vintage racing and café culture style the Mike waxed cowhide jacket leans towards.

Shop for the Dainese Mike here

Alpinestars Celer Gloves White/Black/Red / 3XL [Demo – Good] – $48

These short and sweet Alpinestars Celer Gloves are the perfect mix of protection and mobility, says A’stars, with a supple full-grain goat leather chassis …read more

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