INNOVV C5 Helmet Camera Kit: Versatility Realized

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By Bruce Cole


The INNOVV C5 Helmet Camera wasn’t unexpected really, in that it is a logical adaptation of the rugged versatile INNOVV C5 Moto-CAM reviewed late 2017 – two of which continue to cope with the ups and downs of adventure-oriented/off-road activities.

It does make for a bit of déjà vu though, in that one of the original C5 systems received for evaluation was put to use as a helmet-mounted POV camera for a couple of months in the fall of 2017 for off-road assessment and it worked just fine.

INNOVV doesn’t have a huge product line, focusing instead on developing, evolving, and supporting good (useful) baseline products. And that is reflected in the marketing of the C5 Helmet Camera.

The original C5 units, both hard-wired per se on to home fleet motorcycles haven’t even so much as hiccuped since being installed, no matter the weather (and temperatures), issues that the original K1 suffered from.

And with the minor change in power connectivity has brought much more versatility for this small multi-component system. Mount the lens on a helmet, find a safe convenient spot for the DVR, provide a USB power supply, and go for it.

The INNOVV C5 Helmet Camera

The same ruggedized C5 components are used: small round hardened lens, heavy-duty USB-C cable, ruggedized aluminum module DVR, and power adapter cable.

There are only two changes really, one being the use of a coaxial to USB power cable adapter and the second related to length options for the lens harness (cable).

Video wise, resolution settings of FHD P30(1920×1080), HD P60 (1280×720), and HD P30 (1280×720) are available – along with Loop Video of OFF (continuous record) and Loop Video ON with one, three, five or, ten, minute loop options.

Overall, as validated with the continued use of two original C5 systems, this Helmet Camera variant …read more

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