Sena Momentum Pro Helmet Review: Multi-Featured Power

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By Bruce Cole

Sena Gains (a) Momentum

Anything to do with technology, motorcycling, and relatedly safety education and training gets my utmost attention – always has, always will. So, when Sena announced the first Momentum helmet in 2017, it got flagged, and Sena’s evolution of this product has been followed with interest.

Quite incidentally, in jumping into a product discussion, the offer to get a Momentum helmet for review (acknowledging Kevin’s review of the Sena Momentum in April 2018) wasn’t going to be turned down.

*Note – Sena provided this Large, White, Momentum Pro Helmet at no cost for the purpose of this review.

Think of the expression “foot in the door” here and you will understand my rationale. I highly suspect (and hope) that Sena continues to evolve the product. Whether Sena is using the Momentum line to integrate and showcase their individual renowned products or work towards a ‘smart’ helmet of sorts, or both, is hard to say right now.

But the Momentum products are viewed as one more positive step addressing safety at different levels.

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The Sena Momentum Lineup

The (current) Sena Momentum lineup is listed below, with basic features, and USD pricing.

  • Sena Momentum Lite with BT for four, 399.00
  • Sena Momentum with BT for eight, 449.00
  • Sena Momentum INC with BT for eight, 549.00
  • Sena Momentum Pro with BT for eight and QHD Camera, 599.00
  • Sena Momentum INC Pro with BT for eight and QHD Camera, 699.00

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