Motoz Tractionator Adventure Tires: Traction & Longevity

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By Jim Pruner

Mean-Looking, Ground-Shredding, & Long-Lasting

Tires: The Great Debate

If you want to lose friends and start arguments on social media the quickest way to do it is to ask: “What tires should I run on my motorcycle?” A close second would be asking about engine oil.

The verbal bloodbath that inevitably will follow can cause even internet debate champions to recoil in disgust, turn off notifications for the forum in the interest of self-preservation and in some extreme cases lead to a self-imposed vacation from social media. It doesn’t have to be this way.

In reality, the market is loaded with many excellent options and often the “best” choice for tires can hinge on subjective details.

  • Weight of the motorcycle, rider, and luggage
  • Ratio of asphalt to rocky or muddy off-road use
  • Engine horsepower and rider throttle control habits
  • Rider tolerance for “wiggle” or degree of traction

Regardless I’m Wading In

This review is one I really enjoyed doing because I’d heard plenty of good things about the life expectancy and performance of these Australian tires. Whenever I hear too many positive (or negative) reports about any product my curiosity peaks and I yearn to get the real story.

Given the ultra harsh conditions of riding “Down Under” I expected nothing short of perfection running them here in our North American riding conditions.

They really came through and lived up to the hype!

The Name

I like to know how to properly pronounce brand names. Something has been lost in translation with Motoz from what I can tell.

Photo from Motoz

I’ve heard many people call them “Moto-Zee” or “Mo-toes”, but I think it’s actually meant to be said “Moe-Taws” or perhaps “Mo-tOz” as in the nickname “Oz” given to AUS-tralia where the brand originates.

Yes, I’m THAT guy I’m afraid. A stickler for details.

Thank You!

<img src="" alt="Brand new unmounted Motoz Tractionator Adventure tires." width="900" …read more

Source:: Motoz Tractionator Adventure Tires: Traction & Longevity


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